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Zachery S. Martin, President | E. | Ph. 832.731.7299 | Fax. 281.741.9377

After working in the Civil Engineering and Construction Management industries in predominantly the greater Houston & Harris County areas since 1985, Martin Construction Management & Designs, LLC (MCMD) was started in October 2016 by Mr. Zachery Martin, President.  Over his extensive career, Zachery has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in Project & Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical & Environmental Engineering, Construction Materials Testing, and other related disciplines.  He has consistently demonstrated his superior capabilities while executing his duties in roles as a Construction Manager, Project Manager, Senior Inspector, Construction Materials Testing Lab & Department Manager, Engineer Associate, and Technician on a vast number and variety of public and private projects.  The consulting firm, MCMD, now focuses on continuing to provide excellent professional Construction & Project Management services including Inspection and Design services to uphold the immaculate reputation developed over a career.


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Owner, The OST/Almeda Corridors Redevelopment Authority - TIRZ #7; ($33.6M)

Project Role, Construction Manager

Emancipation Park, Houston, TX

Community members (all former slaves) in the Third and Fourth Wards of Houston, TX united to raise $1,000 in 1872 to purchase 10 acres of park land to host Juneteenth Celebrations.  Redevelopment of the historic park and facilities included a renovated Cultural/Community Center, new Recreation building, renovated Pool House with playground and splash pads, baseball field, event lawn, picnic shelters, and new parking areas.  The Project refined and preserved historic elements of the park while creating functional green space for the surrounding neighborhoods and serves as a designation for local, state, national and international visitors.  By all accounts, the project is considered a revitalization success!

Bagby Street Construction, Houston, TX

Bagby Street in Houston, Texas is the City's first certified Greenroads project.  Services provided included daily inspections, processing pay estimates, and monitoring schedules and budgets.  The reconstruction project included installation of sustainable materials and systems, installation of rain gardens to collect stormwater runoff, and reduction of the roadway profile creating more pedestrian areas along Bagby Street.

Bagby street pic.jpg

Owner, Midtown Redevelopment Authority; ($9.7M)

Project Role, Construction Manager

South Braeswood.jpg

Owner, City of Houston, Department of Public Works & Engineering; ($5.6M)

Project Role, Project Manager

South Braeswood Reconstruction from

Stella Link to Kirby, Houston, TX

This Project consisted of the removal and replacement of traffic signals at major intersections including Stella Link, Buffalo Speedway, and Kirby Drive.  Delicate construction phasing of the traffic signals required the installation of temporary traffic signals, removal of the old signals, and finally construction of new signals.  The project also consisted of approximately 47,750 square yards of 10-inch reinforced concrete pavement with 6-inch curb, 4,840 linear feet of storm sewer with several outfalls into Brays Bayou, and 4,540 linear feet of water mains ranging in diameter from 4-12 inches.

Sam Houston Tollway Southwest Widening Construction Project, Houston, TX

Managed inspection services for HCTRA Contracts #330 and #331.  Coordinated with the HCTRA Construction Management Team to review the proposed construction schedule and develop the staffing plan.  During the peak construction period, as many as eleven qualified inspectors were staffed and managed to provide professional inspection services.  Collaboration with the County's personnel was conducted to facilitate the inspectors' use of the HCPID's Capital Improvement Project Tracking Program (CAPTRAC).  Ensured that inspectors were provided with the requisite equipment including safety harnesses, measuring wheels, measuring tapes, levels, plans & specifications, and other materials required for operations.  Available budget funds were tracked on a monthly basis and expenditure projections were provided to HCTRA for financial planning throughout the construction phase.

Sam Houston Tollway SW pic.jpg

Owner, Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA); ($200M)

Project Role, Construction Manager



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